Monday, February 13, 2012

Nobody's Child by Austin Boyd

I was deeply honored to be contacted by Austin Boyd and offered a copy of his book Nobody's Child, book one from his new series The Pandora Files.  I'd already had it on my "to-read" list with Goodreads and thought the concept sounded intriguing and original.

I had no idea when I first added the book to my TBR list, that it was in fact a Christian book.  I hate to be so honest, but I've read so much cheesy Christian fiction that I would have probably intentionally overlooked this one if it was flashing "Christian fiction" anywhere near it. GAH! I hate feeling that way about Christian fiction!  But let me tell you, when I finally DO come across a well-written piece of fiction that challenges me, inspires me and moves me the way Nobody's Child does, I seriously shout my praises from the rooftops!!! And anyone who I've been in contact with over the last month as I've been reading it (yes, I'm terribly slow reader), has heard of my love for Austin Boyd's Nobody's Child - from my co-workers, to my family, to all the friends in our home group.

And please excuse me as I gush for a minute more - but this man KNOWS what he's talking about when he writes.  As a hugely accomplished and well-educated man, it's comforting to know that when a author writes about something, they actually know what they're talking about.  Do you get what I'm saying?  There's nothing more irritating than a author who pretends to know what they're talking about and makes it up as they go.  Austin Boyd has published award winning poetry and dozens of technical articles and papers during his career as a Navy pilot, was a NASA astronaut finalist, and a spacecraft engineer.  As if that's not enough accomplishments for one person in a lifetime, he's employed as a CEO for Inergi Inc, an engineering and design firm and works with a crisis pregnancy center in Huntsville, AL. Are you kidding me?!

I find it extremely refreshing to read a fiction novel from a Christian perspective that touches on bioethics, through a personal and touching story as this one.  I quickly found myself emotionally invested in Laura Ann McGhee's struggle to fight for her family inheritance, and yet still hold true to who she was and her values. There were many times Austin could have comprised Laura Ann's character in her relationship with Ian and because he did not I enjoyed it that much more. 

Austin Boyd will be added to my favorite Christian (but not religious!) author list to join the ranks of Francine Rivers, Gina Holmes and Frank Peretti!  I'm looking forward to checking out more from Austin Boyd, specifically his recent work, H2O which also looks very good!

Description: Nobody’s Child sweeps you into a world where unprecedented choices never intended by heaven lead to unintended consequences never before seen on earth.

Meet… Laura Ann McGehee—Determined to honor her father’s dying request, the young West Virginia woman will do whatever it takes to save the family farm, including using the one remaining financial resource she has—her body.

Sophia McQuistion—Thanks to the unusual sacrifice of a woman she has never met, she carries the child she could never conceive.

Ian Stewart—In Laura Ann’s time of need, he’s more than just a close friend. He is a source of grace, a man who loves Laura Ann through her many trials.

When unusual circumstances place Sophia’s baby in Laura Ann’s care, Laura Ann is now the virgin mother of her own biological son. The media call him “Nobody’s Child.” But somebody wants him badly enough to steal the baby. Weaving together bioethics and faith, Nobody’s Child dramatizes a future that is already upon us with consequences we can no longer avoid

Rating: *****

Recommend: Absolutely! I'd recommend to any and all readers!

**Note: Even though I was given a free copy of Nobody's Child, I'm always honest with my reviews regardless of whether the author reads it or not. If I did not enjoy an ARC, trust me - you'll know. ;-)

New Bookshelf!

I've had PILES of books stacked up in a corner of our bedroom forever and have needed a bookcase that would keep them from getting all dusty and looking super cluttered, BUT at the same time fit in this little tiny corner of the room without looking overcrowded.

My inlaws bought us this beautiful corner hutch for our bedroom to use as a bookcase!

Isn't it beautiful?!
Here's a pic of it with all my lovely books inside...color coded of course!