Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last Dance At Jitterbug Lounge by Pamela Morsi

What book wouldn't draw you in with a cover such as this?? This beautiful fiction novel caught my eye as I was skimming the library shelves on my way to pick up a book on hold. And thankfully, for just stumbling upon this book with no prior recommendation, I was so pleasantly surprised that it was better than I had hoped! I enjoyed everything about this story! It was so sweet, touching and realistic and I couldn't put it down and finished it within two days.

The story parallels two couples in two different time periods as they struggle through their marriages, dreams and lives together. It was beautifully written and very honest. The author, Pamela Morsi, really reminded me of why I first fell in love with Nicholas Sparks. I can't wait to check out more of Pamela Morsi's other books!!

Description: Jack and Claire Crabtree were once happily married, but separate interests have left each one dancing to their own tune. She refuses to move into the brand-new house he built for the family. He spends too much time at work with a colleague whom she considers a threat to any man's fidelity. When Jack is summoned back to Oklahoma to see his ailing grandpa Bud, Claire only makes the trip at the last minute.

Bud and Geri Crabtree danced through life together for seventy years as friends, lovers and devoted spouses. They always knew what mattered most in life—and the laughter and tears come naturally when their family gathers together. And if Jack and Claire can remember the bond they once shared, they might be able to rediscover what's wonderful about love.…

Rating: *****

Recommend: To those who love Nicholas Spark and a clean, sweet love story.


Amy said...

I saw your comment on Booking Mama's blog about how you've only read Francine Rivers Christian fiction and just wanted to say that if you enjoy her books, you'll probably like A Passion Most Pure. ;) not to be an evangelist for my favorite books or anything. ;)

Also, I've seen this book at Target and thought it looked good...thanks for the review!

Katrina Hope said...

Kim, I picked this up at Barnes & Nobles when I was skimming through and almost bought it...but since I have decided to stop buying books (unless favorites), I held off. I'm so glad to hear its great, I will definitely be putting this one on hold (right now in fact).

Love you!