Sunday, January 11, 2009

Best Discovery of 2008!

I've been on the lookout for a good used bookstore for as long as I've lived here in Nashville. And then one day my friend Alicia asks me if I've been to McKay's Used Books yet. Just before Christmas I was hoping to pick up a few classics for Jason's gifts and thought maybe I'd check them out first.


Best used bookstore ever!!!! The next time I went I brought Jason with me and found myself a mini grocery cart they provided and LOADED UP! I walked out of that place with 23 books and spent only $27!!!!!

I'm officially in love with this place :-)


Charlotte said...

I live halfway between Nashville and Chattanooga ane there are McKay's in both places! I agree it's a great find. When gas got high and I couldn't make the journey as often I found and fell in love with to trade the books I've read and some DVDs. No other trading site I’ve seen provides postage, tracks all shipments, or pays to send you replacements if you are unhappy with an item you get.
The website is uncluttered and easy to use. I encourage you to visit If you decide to join, you’ll start off with enough points to get a hardback, a couple of paperbacks or a DVD and I’ll get points, too, if you use this link:

Ti said...

I'd be happy if I just had a bookstore...any bookstore where I live and I live in a big city!

That bookstore looks yummy. I would spend hours in there.

Brandie said...

Used bookstores are the best!! I miss being close to one.

Katrina Hope said...

I can't wait to visit there with you this summer!! That place looks incredible.

Last week, I introduced a friend to his first used book store (Maggus books right off University Way, aka the Ave). It was an entertaining experience. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh!! Im totally jealous, it sounds like a pretty amazing place :)

Staci said...

That looks awesome and what a great deal!! I'm going to remember this place and make my hubby stop the next time we head south!!!

Janssen said...

Oh my heavens, I would LOVE to go there. It looks amazing.

Seaside Book worm said...

You are so lucky, We used to have a used book store coffee shop/cafe.
It was community based. closed two years ago. Unfortunately there is nothing to replace it. The big o'le boys( a realtor that literally owns the town- like when you used to watch Dukes of Hazzard-I kid you not). They raised the rent. I miss the place it was called the Living Room. I cried when they closed it. You see they had music, and comedians, authors and of course my favoite Chai Latte.