Wednesday, April 15, 2009

24 Hour Read-A-Thon (or Don't Be a Hater Cause I'm a Booknerd!)

I'm finally going to do it!

This Saturday, April 18th is the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon!! I'm super excited, a little nervous and a tad bit overwhelmed. And because I didn't want to feel like a complete geek and isolated all alone, I've asked some of my girl friends to join me for a relaxing day of nothin but readin in the sun! (I might have just left out the words "Read-A-Thon" when explaining it to them) But even still, there's some interest and we're all pretty pumped up to give it our best shot, even if we don't make it the full 24 hours!

Books will be read, sweet tea will be served, lounge chairs will be brought, snacks will be prepared and hopefully tans will be gained! Yea!!!

I'm going to do my best to get access to a computer while at Julie's house, cause sadly I do not own a laptop, and post pictures and updates of our girly reading weekend!

I don't have over ambitious expectations to be knocking out a stack of books, but I'm selecting a choice few I've had in mind!

And dude, if you're all about showing some love and supporting this endeavor, please make a donation over at Saint Jude Children's Hospital!

More to come!


Brandie said...

I love this idea!! It sounds like fun. But I'm a book nerd too :)

Ti said...

That's a wonderful idea! Sounds perfectly lovely. I think I am about to join in on the fun. Now I guess I need to figure out what to read.

Lisa said...

Now THIS sounds like the way to do it! I'm reading too, but all by myself surrounded by the chaos of my chldren.

TI! Join!

Nicole said...

I'm surprised you got any reading done with all those ladies!