Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still breathing, still reading

I have GOT to get better about posting. It's been a crazy last few weeks with family in town visiting and I just haven't had much time to read or get online. And I also am finding it increasingly difficult to stay motivated to read with it being absolutely gorgeous outside! We've started taking the puppies to the dog park and heading to the drive-in, taking long walks or drives, hanging out with friends and then a friend of mine recently had her baby.

Right now I'm in the middle of Precious by Sandra Novack and its been a struggle to get through. As intense as the storyline is, its really not grabbing me and the affair between the 17 year old girl Eva and her married, high school teacher is a huge deterrent. Ick. I really wish there was more focus on the missing 10 year old girl, Vicki Anderson rather than Eva's little rendezvous'.
But on to much more exciting news! I came home yesterday to a brown paper package (who doesn't love those?!) and discovered that Simon & Schuster had sent me a beautiful new copy of Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner!!! Whohooo!!!!!! Thank you Simon & Schuster, you rock my world!! I leave for CA in a week and a half and I can't wait to bring some reading material along with me and relax for 10 days straight! It's going to be heaven. And one of the books I really need to get started on next is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Its this month's book club pick and the first that I haven't actually read already. I LOVE my new book club and all the ladies that I'm getting to know better! We meet once a month and everyone brings tons of yummy treats and goodies. This next month we'll be meeting over at the Arrington Vineyards, which I've never been to before so I'm super pumped!

So that's about it for me, I hope you all are having a fabulous summer yourselves!


Lit and Life said...

Book club and vineyard? Sounds like heaven!

Stephanie said...

The Help is one of my favorite books this year - enjoy!!

Brandie said... do I get Simon and Schuster to send me copies of new books!?!?! :) That's awesome!!

Tina said...

Ok, so what's the secret? How did you become special enough to get free books sent to you? I love that! You are special and deserve all the free books in the world. I want to be that special too ;) love you and miss you!