Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Slower than Molasses

Must. Finish. Strong.

This book is killing me people but I'm compelled to finish it. Lord help me, of course it has to be 770 pages long. I honestly thought this would be a serious page turner, but its just bad. AND it's an ARC. I feel horrible that a less than flattering review is coming, but seriously its taken up two months of my reading time.

I only got a hundred or so pages left, so I hope to finish real soon!!

Anyone else read this?


Brandie said...

Oh no! I've heard this is a good one and I ordered it from the library! Maybe I won't be reading it...

700 pages is TOO LONG.

Stephanie said...

I read it and found it slow also (but it seems that every blogger out there LOVES it)! And you know it is the first book in a trilogy, right?

Kim said...

Brandie - Seriously, not worth the time!

Stephanie - Holy cow! I finished it the other night and the only thing that kept me going was having some resolve by finding out the ending - OH. MY. WORD. I was so pissed of when I discovered that it was to be continued! I mean are you kidding me?! And all along I kept thinking, "he should have broke this up into 3 parts" - and he did and that was only part 1?!!! Unbelievable. I'll be leaving my review shortly. I don't get how people love this, I really don't.