Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dream Country by Luanne Rice

Luanne Rice has some of the most swoon-worthy covers out there.  (yeah, I judge a book by its cover - so sue me).  So therefore, I'd been wanting to try out one of her novels for quite some time and had picked up Dream Country as I started working my way across one of the shelves on my bookcase. 

I'm SO glad I did too!!  See!  Picking a book by its cover can pay off! :-P

This story follows Daisy and her teenage daughter, Sage and their individual journeys of dealing with a tragic loss in their family.  There was some strange bits in this book with all the indian-new-agey stuff thrown in here and there, but overall I rarely could put it down and was surprised a time or two by twists I really didn't see coming!!  It had romance, suspense, drama and a little humor too.  It was a very well rounded light read and I very much enjoyed it! 

I will for sure be checking out some of her other novels!

Have you read Luanne Rice and if so, what books of hers would you recommend I try next?

Description: It was just an argument, one of hundreds Daisy Tucker must have had with her teenage daughter, Sage, over the years. But this one had ended differently, with Sage gone from their Connecticut home the next morning, leaving behind only a brief note: “I have to go.” Daisy tried not to overreact, tried to remind herself this was different from what had happened thirteen years earlier to Sage’s twin brother, Jake. This was different from a three-year-old boy disappearing in the canyons of Wyoming, never to be found. Sage was sixteen and resourceful. She would be found.

Years ago Daisy had traveled to Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains in search of inspiration for her art and had found a man with the wilderness inside him. James Tucker was a rancher, bound to the wild land he loved, and together he and Daisy created a small paradise for their family—until the day their little boy vanished without a trace. Now, as their daughter makes a dangerous cross-country pilgrimage to the father she longs for, Daisy will return to the place that took everything she had....

Filled with a wild and unpredictable beauty, Dream Country is a novel you’ll never want to end—even as you can’t wait to finish it.

Rating: ****

Recommend: Other than a love scene that was a bit too graphic for my liking, it was a great read!

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