Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sister's Choice by Emilie Richards

At 544 pages, I was a little leery that this book might drag out too long for my liking, but in the end I felt as though it was just perfect. Emilie Richards does an amazing job of weaving together a story that both addresses the current issues of today and capturing the history and struggle of years past. I loved the multiple story lines which kept me engaged from chapter to chapter.

Apparently, this is only one of the five books in the Shenandoah Album series though they don't follow each other in any particular order. And after a great experience with Sister's Choice, I'll for sure be picking up one of the others in the series.

One more aspect that I fully enjoyed, that may not be suited to everyone's taste, is that there are many references to quilting throughout the story. I have just begun to get more interested in this craft and really hope to learn more about it, but if that type of thing bores you, this may not be what your looking for.

In the end I would describe this book as a cozy read with an emphasis on family relationships. Definitely worth the read!

Description: With nine years and a turbulent childhood between them, Kendra and Jamie have never been storybook sisters. After a long estrangement, they've finally begun to heal their hurts and forge a new bond.

Now Jamie is offering a gift Kendra has long since given up hoping for, the fondest wish of her heart—a baby. Already raising two young girls on her own, Jamie wants to become a gestational surrogate for Kendra and her husband, Isaac, giving birth to a child the husband and wife have created together. Despite some lingering misgivings about her once-wayward younger sister's commitment, Kendra agrees, and soon Jamie is pregnant.

In addition to this amazing gift of life, Jamie has designed a new house for Kendra and Isaac and is overseeing its construction on Isaac's ancestral property along the Shenandoah River, with the help of Cash Rosslyn, one of the most attractive men Jamie has known. By giving her sister both a home and a family, Jamie hopes to prove to Kendra that she deserves absolution for her past mistakes. But when a medical crisis threatens her health and her promising new relationship with Cash, Jamie learns that the most difficult choice in her life is yet to come—and its cost may be beyond calculation.

Rating: ****

Recommend: for those who enjoy historical fiction and a well thought out story.


Holly said...

Good review. I'll have to check this one out!

Anonymous said...

That does sound a like a good one.