Monday, September 28, 2009

I Apologize by Bradley Booth

Oh boy, this isn't going to be easy. First of all, I received this book through a Goodreads Giveaway, and the author even signed the inside cover which was very sweet and thoughtful.

The premise of the story was so intriguing and being that it was based on the author's life experiences, I had really high hopes while reading it. Unfortunately, it fell very short of my expectations and I was put off quite a bit by the dialogue between the two main characters, Tony & Christina. Every time I would pick up the book to continue reading, I found myself in the midst of a Spanish soap opera. The lines shared between the two were just so over dramatic and cheesy. At first Christina came across as mysterious and charming, but then started to freak me out with the shaving scene and things she would say. I thought it was going to turn into a psycho murder mystery. She was so insecure and controlling and I was hoping Tony would make his escape.

Honestly, I think it would have been more impacting and relatable if the author would have just written a memoir. I'm curious if the author really did experience all that was written about Tony or was it a bit embellished? By the last page, I just kinda just sat there stunned wondering - "Huh? What the heck?".

Mr. Booth, I am so, so sorry. I really wanted to enjoy it, but I just couldn't relate or even empathize with the characters at all. You have some definite potential though, and I wish you the best in your future novels!

Description: “It’s been five years—why does her memory still haunt me so? Have I not paid my penance? Why won’t the demons of my past leave me in peace?”

These are indeed troubling times for entrepreneur Tony Richardson. After years of living an insipid and orderly life on Long Island, the events that led to the tragic death of his fiancée return with resounding fury . . . starting, oddly enough, when he consents to dine in the company of the beguiling, intrusive Christina Jaloqua.

When Christina declares her love and desire to marry him, Tony is overwhelmed by fear that his world will be torn apart again. Unwilling to admit that his petulant attitude is because of his growing affection for her, Tony devises a plan to liberate himself from Christina’s intrusiveness and return his small, methodical world to order.

Tony soon finds out that logic serves no purpose in affairs of the heart; Christina’s elaborate ruse engulfs him into an unplanned marriage and, worst, an unwanted pregnancy.

Now, locked in a labyrinth of fear, Tony struggles to escape the winding corridors filled with ghastly images from the past. As he reaches a dead end, will Tony vanquish them once and for all—or will they again steal his chance at happiness?

Rating: **

Recommend: No, and not just because the storyline wasn't gripping, but also because the love scenes were way too explicit.


Brandie said...

ugh. i had high hopes for this one, too. i'm a little bummed it turned out so bad. but i'm glad you told us...because i won't waste my time!! thanks for the review :)

Anonymous said...

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Lisa said...

Nice job reviewing a book you didn't enjoy. That's the hardest part of blogging, I think.